An International Farm Wife

While I loved living on a farm, there has always been a part of me that longed to travel the world.  One of the blogs I follow, “My Life as a Farm Wife,” is able to have the best of both worlds.  She’s probably in Spain by now, but check out her interesting blog anyway.  I think you’ll agree that it’s worth waiting a few weeks to see what she’ll have to say when she comes back.

We are heading off on a family holiday to Spain so I will be taking a break from blogging over the next few weeks. We were supposed to fly out tonight but our flight has been delayed by a day due to a Lufthansa strike tomorrow. When we finally get there, I’m very much looking forward to exploring and enjoying a new country (never been to Spain before) and spending time with family. We are meeting up with the whole de Bruyn clan including Quentin’s sister Deidre who lives in Australia, her husband Mike and their two boys.

via Vastrap Farm | My new life as a farm wife.

Remembering My Butchering Days


via The Farmhouse Table | Chickens in the Road.

We never raised sheep like they’re doing above on the Chickens in the Road site, but I do remember butchering many a deer, hog or cow on the farm.  We always waited for cold weather, then would shut all the inside doors to the kitchen so the heat from the wood burning stove wouldn’t warm the room up too much and the cold seeping in from the open back door wouldn’t freeze up the rest of the house.

It was lots of work and not for most people, probably, but it did produce the best meat I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Fascinating Fungi

I remember hunting morels in the spring forests near our small farm. My neighbor was the Morel King–I swear he could sniff them out like a truffle hog.




A fungus is a member of a large group of organisms that includes microorganisms such as yeasts and moulds, as well as the more familiar mushrooms. These organisms are classified as a kingdom, Fungi, which is separate from plants, animals, and bacteria. The discipline of biology devoted to the study of fungi is known as mycology. Mycology has often been regarded as a branch of botany, even though it is a separate kingdom in biological taxonomy. Genetic studies have shown that fungi are more closely related to animals than to plants. [Source]

Abundant worldwide, Fungi perform an essential role in the decomposition of organic matter and have fundamental roles in nutrient cycling and exchange. They have long been used as a direct source of food, such as mushrooms and truffles, as a leavening agent for bread, and in fermentation of various food products, such as…

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