My First Review!!

The first review for Chasing Nightmares came in last night and I am SQUEEE-ling with delight.  Tina Chan over at had so many wonderful things to say about the book (like “I was literally reading it every second I had to spare” that I had a hard time picking just one paragraph to post here.  I hope you will click through to read all her 4-starry goodness.

4-Star Review

4-Star Review

To me, this was a very Edgar Allen-like type of story: creepy with a touch of madness. If you like reading writing such as “The Tell-Tale Heart” or “Fall of the House of the Usher”, you will probably like Chasing Nightmares. I guess the main difference between Edgar’s writing and Donahue’s is that Donahue’s is much more to the point. Both, however, have that same atmosphere of edginess/horror.

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