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Chasing Nightmares

Check out the 2nd Edition!

Now with updated cover and new opening chapter.

Dr. Charles Levine despises his younger half-brother with a hate that even death can’t destroy. So why should he let Gordon’s demise prevent him from exacting revenge? Charles’ weak-minded nephew, who resembles Gordon in so many ways, would serve his purpose perfectly. With romance, suspense, and a touch of madness, Chasing Nightmares tells the tale of Anne and Lee as they struggle to conquer the terrors that have haunted their dreams since childhood. Terrors that Charles exploits with finesse and specially concocted pharmaceuticals.

The world Deb creates is full of deep imagery that makes you wonder where she will take you at each new turn in the plot.

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EXCERPT: The painting, still not completely dry, should have been one of peaceful beauty—a starlit sky, the moon lighting up the creek. But the night Lee had seen and the one he painted were two different pictures. Instead of the bright clarity of a summer night, Lee had painted an evil moment filled with ghosts of distorted images. The moonlit night took on an air of menace, full of vague, hidden terrors.

A Bull By The Horns

Artists and Writers and Murderers, Oh My! You thought living in the country was boring? Then you haven’t read a Coffman Cozy mystery yet.

Somewhere in farm country USA ·

“When everyone has a motive and no one is perfect, A Bull by the Horns will keep readers guessing until the very end.”

Murder mysteries solved by mystery writers are boring. Mystery writers who are murder suspects—much more interesting. Especially if a poet, composer, artist and irascible old farmer have just as much motive and are equally annoying.

A Bull by the Horns is the first novel in the Coffman’s Country Art Colony series. Protagonist Carina Coffman has worked hard to fulfill her grandmother’s dream of turning the family farm into an artist’s retreat. She thought the only obstacles she had left to deal with were a disgruntled neighbor unhappy with her new venture, and training Larry the goat to stop head-butting his companions Curly and Moe. When a guest ends up impaled by the longhorn of Ferdinand the taxidermied bull, however, she has her work cut out for her.

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EXCERPT: The hens were squawking, the goats bleating, and our Ayrshire milk cow Callie bawled out a mournful-sounding moo. If our first guest arrived during this chaos, Coffman’s Country Art Colony would be doomed to self-destruct. I’d been working for months to get this venture off the ground and I was not going to let this sour old farmer start the day off wrong.

Eyes at the Window: Now Released in the U.S.!


“An easy read that keeps you wondering what’s around the next corner.”

First released by PersonalNOVEL in Europe and the UK as Through the Dark, I am now able to offer this Midwestern romantic suspense to U.S. readers under the new title of Eyes at the Window. Available in trade paperback and Kindle versions.

Is Miranda’s phobic fear of the dark causing paranoia, or did she really see someone staring at her through the window that first night? When she quit her high-stress job as a TV metorologist and moved to the country, she was looking for peace, quiet, and anonymity. But her neighbor is hounding her to sell her grandmother’s run down farmhouse, and she keeps glimpsing a mysterious figure lingering on the forest edge at the back of the property. Is the shadowy figure she sees watching from the barn loft real? Why is Harlan Hunter so insistent on owning her property? When she uncovers a skeleton buried in debris along the creek, Miranda must face her fears to learn the truth.

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EXCERPT: The dog was standing on her stomach, barking furiously toward the window at her feet. Thunder rumbled, followed by a flash of light, and in that brief second, she saw what had disturbed him. A face, white and distorted by the rain rivulets streaming down the glass, stared back at her.

Short Story Collections

Weathering the Storms

Weathering the Storms

Three shifts in thinking. Three women who weather life’s storms with dignity and determination.

BAREFOOT ON BLUEBERRY ISLAND: Looking for peace in the laugh of a loon
THE NEST: A mother and son negotiate loss
NEW MOON: It’s hard to say goodbye, unless he makes it easy for you.

An Amazon e-book -ONLY $.99



PotpourriShort, sweet, not so sweet, or not too short—how do you like your short stories?

CUTTING EDGE: The more things change, the more they stay the same  ROASTED: Too much caffeine can make a reporter a little suspicious SANTA CLAWS: Cats believe in Christmas, too CANOE TRIP DIARY: Who wouldn’t want to get back to nature? HOW TO START A BUSINESS: How to succeed without really dying MAGIC HANDS: A mini-fairy tale for grownups

An Amazon e-book – ONLY $.99

Through the Dark: A Personalized Novel

Personalize this novel to feature anyone you want by changing names and descriptions.  Great gift idea!  Ships from the United Kingdom so allow 30 working days for production and shipping. Throughthedark A young woman inherits her grandmother’s farm and, in need of a change, quits her high-powered job as a weather anchor to move out to the country. She gets more than she bargained for when her neighbor, Harlan Hunter, tries to persuade her to sell the farm. As if the pressure from Harlan weren’t enough, she is also battling nyctophobia — fear of darkness — and keeps seeing a mysterious stranger walking in the woods behind her house. With her faithful dog at her side, she decides to solve the mystery of why Hunter is so interested in the property, triumph over her fears, and discover who the mysterious man is.

Paperback or Hardcover link:  PersonalNovel

EXCERPT: In her dream the pops turned to barks from Rufus. Miranda awoke with a start. “Rufus,” she called, realizing the barks were real.The dog was standing on her stomach, barking furiously toward the window at her feet. Thunder rumbled, followed by a flash of light, and in that brief second, she saw what had disturbed him. A face, white and distorted by the rain rivulets streaming down the glass, stared back at her.

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