Eyes at the Window

Now Released in the U.S.!

Eyes at the Window

EYES_EbookFirst released by PersonalNOVEL in 2013 as Through the Dark, a personalizable novel in Europe and the UK, I am now able to offer this Midwestern romantic suspense to U.S. readers under the new title of Eyes at the Window. Available in trade paperback and Kindle versions.

Is Miranda’s phobic fear of the dark causing paranoia, or did she really see someone staring at her through the window that first night? When she quit her high-stress job as a TV metorologist and moved to the country, she was looking for peace, quiet, and anonymity. But her neighbor is hounding her to sell her grandmother’s run down farmhouse, and she keeps glimpsing a mysterious figure lingering on the forest edge at the back of the property. Is the shadowy figure she sees watching from the barn loft real? Why is Harlan Hunter so insistent on owning her property? When she uncovers a skeleton buried in debris along the creek, Miranda must face her fears to learn the truth.

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EXCERPT: The dog was standing on her stomach, barking furiously toward the window at her feet. Thunder rumbled, followed by a flash of light, and in that brief second, she saw what had disturbed him. A face, white and distorted by the rain rivulets streaming down the glass, stared back at her.