A Great Review for A Bull by the Horns

nightowlreviewWith all the holiday busy-ness the last couple of weeks, I almost missed this wonderful review of A Bull by the Horns by Pauline Michael at Night Owl Reviews. This kind of praise is the best Christmas present a person could ever hope for. Thank you!

Here’s my favorite part:

Deb Donahue delights readers with this fantastic first in a cozy mystery series. Honestly I finished reading this days ago and haven’t stopped talking about it. I’ve mentioned it to friends and family and even a stranger in a doctor’s office. I found the characters and scenario refreshing and entertaining. In fact I was so taken with the story that I’m seriously thinking of finding a retreat like this or starting one of my own. The setting is lovely, the suspects are intriguing and the death, definitely unique and attention grabbing.

Source: A Bull by the Horns – A Coffman Country Art Colony Cozy, #1

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Windy City Reviews Weighs In

Want to hear what Starza Thompson had to say about A Bull by the Horns on Windy City Reviews?  Here’s a small taste. Go to their site to read the whole thing.

“I found the premise of this novel enjoyable and refreshing. Combining farming and the typical worries of crops, nosy neighbors, and the legacy of the Coffman name with the quirky artists in residence and the complications of a murder, makes for an interesting read. Add in a part-time sheriff as the main character’s husband and you have a lot of action being carried out by a character (Carina) who wouldn’t otherwise have much to do with a murder investigation. Tension, guessing—and second guessing—and questioning the motives of every character, makes this story a true delight to read.”

Source: Windy City Reviews – Book Reviews – Book Review: A Bull by the Horns

The First Two Reviews Are In

A Bull by the Horns earned two reviews in September, each with a five star rating. Here’s a couple excerpts from what the readers had to say:a-bull-by-the-hornscover

“Here’s a book you’ll sit up in bed to read or take to work to read on your lunch hour. Once you start it, you’ll look up and be surprised that you’re not in a spacious farmhouse, dealing with the deftly drawn assortment of characters who are guests in Carina’s art colony, or that the weather outside isn’t what it’s doing so realistically in the novel.”

“Set on a farm in Ellendale, it is Donahue’s depiction of Coffman’s Country Art Colony that stuck with me days after finishing the novel. It made me want to sign up for the Coffman’s Art Colony—or not. You’ll see what I mean.”

“Pulls You In”

Chasing Nightmares CoverMy novel Chasing Nightmares got a nice review earlier this month on Goodreads.  Here’s a few of the reviewer’s comments I’d like to share with you:

“Pulls you in and keeps you anchored. The characters each have their own individual personality.”

“Intriguing enough to make you want to know more”

“The world Deb creates is full of deep imagery that makes you wonder where she will take you at each new turn in the plot”

“I enjoyed the book and look forward to seing what follows for Deb.”

via Goodreads – Chasing Nightmares

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My First Review!!

The first review for Chasing Nightmares came in last night and I am SQUEEE-ling with delight.  Tina Chan over at http://www.thebooklanders.com had so many wonderful things to say about the book (like “I was literally reading it every second I had to spare” that I had a hard time picking just one paragraph to post here.  I hope you will click through to read all her 4-starry goodness.

4-Star Review

4-Star Review

To me, this was a very Edgar Allen-like type of story: creepy with a touch of madness. If you like reading writing such as “The Tell-Tale Heart” or “Fall of the House of the Usher”, you will probably like Chasing Nightmares. I guess the main difference between Edgar’s writing and Donahue’s is that Donahue’s is much more to the point. Both, however, have that same atmosphere of edginess/horror.

via Book Reviews by Tina Chan.