Windy City Reviews Weighs In

Want to hear what Starza Thompson had to say about A Bull by the Horns on Windy City Reviews?  Here’s a small taste. Go to their site to read the whole thing.

“I found the premise of this novel enjoyable and refreshing. Combining farming and the typical worries of crops, nosy neighbors, and the legacy of the Coffman name with the quirky artists in residence and the complications of a murder, makes for an interesting read. Add in a part-time sheriff as the main character’s husband and you have a lot of action being carried out by a character (Carina) who wouldn’t otherwise have much to do with a murder investigation. Tension, guessing—and second guessing—and questioning the motives of every character, makes this story a true delight to read.”

Source: Windy City Reviews – Book Reviews – Book Review: A Bull by the Horns


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