Remembering My Butchering Days


via The Farmhouse Table | Chickens in the Road.

We never raised sheep like they’re doing above on the Chickens in the Road site, but I do remember butchering many a deer, hog or cow on the farm.  We always waited for cold weather, then would shut all the inside doors to the kitchen so the heat from the wood burning stove wouldn’t warm the room up too much and the cold seeping in from the open back door wouldn’t freeze up the rest of the house.

It was lots of work and not for most people, probably, but it did produce the best meat I’ve ever eaten in my life.

2 thoughts on “Remembering My Butchering Days

  1. yes, not for the faint of heart but the meat is of no comparison to a store bought plastic wrapped meat “product”. One can taste the difference in the meat as soon as a first bite is had. The best meat comes from the butcher directly, I agree. great post.

    • Thank you and I agree about the taste. I used to love liver and onions when we raised our own beef but when I bought some at the supermarket, it tasted awful and made me realize that’s why most people don’t like it.

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