Through the Dark – A Personalized Novel

Have you ever loved a book so much you wished you could live in it? If there was a vehicle that could send me into one of my favorite fiction worlds, just for a little while, I would buy a ticket.

I doubt technology like that will ever be an option (although who knows!). But you can be the hero or heroine in your own mystery novel if you want to. And you can take along some of your friends and family, too.

My mystery novel Through the Dark, published by PersonalNOVEL, is now available for purchase and can be shipped just about anywhere in the world. You can select the names and descriptions for the hero and heroine, their loyal canine companions, and two other characters in this Midwest mystery filled with chills and thrills and strangers at the windows in the dead of the night.

Check it out!

Through the Dark

Personalize this novel to feature anyone you want by changing names and descriptions. Great gift idea! Ships from the U.K. so allow 30 working days for production and shipping to the U.S.

 ThroughthedarkA young woman inherits her grandmother’s farm and, in need of a change, quits her high-powered job as a weather anchor to move out to the country. She gets more than she bargained for when her neighbor, Harlan Hunter, tries to persuade her to sell the farm. As if the pressure from Harlan weren’t enough, she is also battling nyctophobia — fear of darkness — and keeps seeing a mysterious stranger walking in the woods behind her house. With her faithful dog at her side, she decides to solve the mystery of why Hunter is so interested in the property, triumph over her fears, and discover who the mysterious man is.

Paperback or Hardcover: PersonalNovel


In her dream the pops turned to barks from Rufus. Miranda awoke with a start. “Rufus,” she called, realizing the barks were real.

The dog was standing on her stomach, barking furiously toward the window at her feet. Thunder rumbled, followed by a flash of light, and in that brief second, she saw what had disturbed him. A face, white and distorted by the rain rivulets streaming down the glass, stared back at her.


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