Old Photos Reanimate the Past

Dad-Santa Maria CA - 1952

Don’t you love looking through old photographs?  Especially ones of family and friends back before you knew them or were born.  It’s like the spirit of the people they were then are still around, and always will be.

The above is one of my favorite pictures of my dad.  He would have been 18-years-old when this was taken and his sense of humor shows through his smiling, handsome face.

The Old Gray Mare

The Old Gray Mare

My Former Home Sweet Home

I took a drive out to the old Kaufmann homestead where I used to live.  The gray mare may not be the same as she used to be many long years ago (the siding on my little house on the left is yellow now, for instance) but she still looks good to my eyes.  This is where the inspiration for my Coffman Cozy mystery series was spawned.