Through the Dark now available to ship to the U.S.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but if I did, it bears repeating.  My first Deb Donahue novel, Through the Dark, was originally only order-able in Germany and the United Kingdom.  This is because the publisher is PersonalNOVEL, a German/UK based company which sells novels you can personalize to include yourself and people you know.  Yes, that’s right, you can buy a novel from them but have the main characters’ names and descriptions updated to whomever you would like.

Well, they now are able to ship to several more countries, including the United States, where most of my friends, family and fans are, so–Yay! Visit their website and check them out, then star in your very own mystery novel!

ThroughthedarkA young woman inherits her grandmother’’s farm and, in need of a change, quits her high-powered job as a weather anchor to move out to the country. She gets more than she bargained for when her neighbor, Harlan Hunter, tries to persuade her to sell the farm. As if the pressure from Harlan weren’t enough, she is also battling nyctophobia — fear of darkness — and keeps seeing a mysterious stranger walking in the woods behind her house. With her faithful dog at her side, she decides to solve the mystery of why Hunter is so interested in the property, triumph over her fears, and discover who the mysterious man is.