NEW! Short Story Collections

I’ve compiled some of my favorite short stories that I’ve written over the years into two volumes that are now available on  If suspense novels aren’t your thing, I hope you will check these out instead.

Weathering the StormsThree shifts in thinking. Three women who weather life’s storms with dignity and determination.

BAREFOOT ON BLUEBERRY ISLAND: Looking for peace in the laugh of a loon
THE NEST: A mother and son negotiate loss
NEW MOON: It’s hard to say goodbye, unless he makes it easy for you.

An Amazon e-book – $1.99

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Short, sweet, not so sweet, or not too short—how do you like your short stories? A collection of odds and ends.

CUTTING EDGE: The more things change, the more they stay the same  ROASTED: Too much caffeine can make a reporter a little suspicious SANTA CLAWS: Cats believe in Christmas, too CANOE TRIP DIARY: Who wouldn’t want to get back to nature? HOW TO START A BUSINESS: How to succeed without really dying MAGIC HANDS: A mini-fairy tale for grownups

An Amazon e-book – ONLY $.99