I’m not really a poet, but every once in a while inspiration strikes in a rare form.  I found this poem I wrote years ago.  I started writing it in my mind as I was walking alone down a Midwestern country road with my eyes turned to the vast sky above me.

Dedicate to God the majesty of the sky.
Praise him with ocean‑wide adoration.

The Lord’s fragrance stirs the leaves,
Touches a cheek like fingers from the sky.
A shaft of sunlight reaches,
Settles in a pool of warmed grass.
Bathe in the heat of it, face uplifted.

A scudding of clouds frames the heavens,
The splayed lace of a tumbled surf
Tossed upon blue coral boulders.
With pure white radiance
Or as purple dusk‑formed silhouettes,
The spun sugar hovers across the sky.

A disappearing trace of lightening
Explodes soundlessly on a distant horizon.
Yet above, mother moon nestles
Among a spray of star children
Flung across the night sky.