Meet Sophie


Sophie is my two-year-old Papillon mix anti-depressant. In the photo above, we have stopped along our walk to just sit in the grass.  She loves to just sit and sniff the smells in the air and watch the action around her. She is so happy all the time, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood.

In the video below, we are at the dog park playing with some of her friends.  The Shih Tzu is one of her favorites, Gizmo, and the brown puppy is a new friend they are just getting to know.

The Slanted Little House | Chickens in the Road

I found this wonderful website about country living I wanted to share.  There is so much goodness to read here, that I’m afraid it’s going to be a long while before I can drag myself off to bed, but I wanted to call your attention to this post Author Suzanne McMinn writes about why she chose to move to small town West Virginia.

It reminds me of the best things about country living.  Click through the link below to explore more country goodness.

My kids eat sandwiches sitting in apple trees. They jump fully clothed in the river if they want to. They skate on frozen creeks and they know how to pick a hoe out of the shed. They know what a low-water bridge is, and how to set a turtle trap. We don’t worry about burglars at night but raccoons. They eat corn on the cob and know they planted the seed.

via The Slanted Little House | Chickens in the Road.