Sophie Loves Playtime – and SPRING!

This year I hope to establish a community of small dog owners in my area who would love an opportunity to get our dogs together to play with each other.  My sweetheart, Sophie, used to love playing with her favorite friends when we lived in the big city, but in this small area people don’t seem to understand the benefits, both to dog and owner, of getting your dogs together to just simply play with one another.

Last year, the Rotary Park opened up a brand new park just outside of town that includes not only a fenced-in dog park, but a separate fenced-in area just for small dogs.  I’m pushing hard on Facebook and local community sites to try to stir up interest in regular gatherings.

Here’s a picture of the postcards I made up to pass out when I see people with small dogs.  I hope they attract some attention. If you want to join the Facebook group to see how I do, or just to share pictures and stories about your dog, just find us at Sophie Loves Playtime.


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