Looking for the Green

No, this isn’t a post about St. Patrick’s Day, although that is just passed and I did wear my only green sweater all day long. This post is to express a longing for the green of Spring, especially now since I no longer live in Seattle, also known as the Emerald City.

Seattle is green all year round.  Not the ripe, plump green of tropical places, and not with summer-like temps and wind flows.  The winter green in Seattle is a bit subdued and often soggy, but it never completely goes away.  In a particularly mild winter, you can even see some flowers here and there.

Spring springs into action with a vengeance in Seattle, while in the Midwest it takes slow, plodding steps, slogging through mud, pecking listlessly at dirty heaps of snow along the side of the road.  There might be more sunshine here than in the traditionally precipitous Seattle, but right now it shines on sloppy lawns and bare, wind-weathered branches. And all we can do is wait until shy Spring trusts the weather enough to show us her full beauty.


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