Wedding Planning

Great news recently! My oldest son proposed and she accepted! They are doing all the planning, of course, but ever since I’ve heard the news, these are the kinds of articles that catch my eye. Aren’t weddings wonderful?


Dinner of Herbs

We have a date set.  We have the church.  We have the reception location.

So what else have I been doing to throw together a quick, super-low-budget wedding?

Well, since this is a food blog, let’s start with the cake.  I am going to make our own wedding cake.  It won’t be a 5348-layer cake with pedestals and pillars; however, I knew that wedding cake needs special qualities.

1) The cake needs to be denser and less crumbly than normal to retain it’s shape and serve as a steady foundation for upper layers.

2) The cake should have less leavening to prevent the top from rising into a rounded dome shape, so that more layers can be stacked more easily, and so that you get a more elegant, crisp, straight edges.

I tried a white almond cake recipe and a lemon cake recipe.  Both would work, but I preferred the…

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