Stewed Tongue

Quite literally stewed, according to my “Young Housekeeper’s Friend” cookbook from 1859.  As for me I would need to perform the last step first before being willing to eat this dish: “Put about a pint of the liquor” in.


Boil a fresh tongue three hours, and if the skin does not easily come off, boil it longer.  Remove the skin, strain the water in which it was boiled.  Wash the pot and return the tongue to it with enough of the strained liquor [ed. note: Oh! THAT kind of liquor]  to cover it.  Put in it a carrot, a turnip, and an onion cut fine, and a tablespoon of powdered clove and also of ground pepper tied up in muslin bags.

Boil the tongue gently two hours and a half.  About fifteen minutes before it is taken up, toast two slices of bread without the crust, cut it up in small bits, and put it into the pot.

When you dish it up, put about a pint of the liquor and vegetables round the tongue in a fricassee dish.”

And I would add to this “Serve with a huge portions of strong liquor–the alcoholic kind.”

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