A Conversation with Omnimystery News

What writer doesn’t put a little bit of themselves into what they write?  Here’s one of the questions I answered in an interview with OmniMystery News.  If you enjoy mysteries, I hope you will click through to read the whole interview and learn about some of the other authors and books they highlight on their site.

OMN: How much of your own personal or professional experience is included in the books?

DD: Chasing Nightmares has little of my personal experience in it other than the setting I mentioned earlier. I don’t have nyctophobia or know anyone who does; I’ve never been addicted or suffered from migraines. Where the author comes through in this book is more thematic in nature than anything else. When I first started it, I had this near obsession with the “wounded male” phenomenon. That is, I felt especially sensitive to men with deep psychological wounds and wanted to nurture them all (especially if they were good looking and brooding). If you’re a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, think Angel in the first couple of seasons in particular. I’ve matured a bit since then which I feel makes the finished novel more realistic and less angst-ridden than it was in its draft version several years ago.

The new cozy mystery, however, will take advantage not only of the places I knew from years of living in the rural Midwest, but all the gardening, canning, cooking and animal husbandry I engaged in. We raised and butchered cattle, pigs, and chickens in the early days of our marriage, and my basement was always well stocked with canned tomatoes, green beans, peaches, applesauce, etc. In addition, as a writer I have attended artist colonies so I am able to take the eccentricities from some of the creative people I know and mix and match them into my colorful murder suspects and victims.

via Omnimystery News: A Conversation with Novelist Deb Donahue.


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