Goats Want What They Want

via Baby Drinks Bottle of Water! | Chickens in the Road.

This picture from Chickens in the Road reminds me of a scene I wrote recently in my cozy mystery A Bull by the Horns.  Only Larry isn’t a baby and he’s reaching for spilled grain instead of a bottle.

Madeleine tried next, hesitant at first, but delighted when Moe’s soft lips began to nuzzle her offering.  Kikki shoveled out a huge handful of grain, thrusting it toward Larry who was trying to push Curley away from Stephan’s palm.

“Wait, Kikki.” I tried to stop her, but it was too late.  The greedy buck grabbed for the food but nipped fingers instead.  Kikki shrieked and pulled away, spilling grain both in and outside of the fence.  All three goats dove for it, Larry characteristically head butting the other two to get there first.

Kikki started crying hysterically, holding her hand out in front of her.

“There, there.” Stephan tried to comfort her by putting an arm around her shoulders. “See? No harm done.  He’s barely made a mark.”

Larry’s blunt teeth had left depressions in her skin but had not broken through.  Kikki, however, continued to wail as if her appendage hung by a bloody thread. The offending goat stuck his head through the fence wire, practically strangling himself as he lipped dirt and fallen seed from the other side.

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