Potato Drop Biscuits

I must give these a try--the perfect marriage, it seems to me, 
between biscuits and potato pancakes.

Dinner of Herbs

Potato Drop Biscuits | Dinner of Herbs

Do not judge a biscuit by its appearance.

Just as with people, rolled biscuits involve a lot more work and time and effort and are therefore prettier; however, just as with people again, drop biscuits are just as delicious, and show that it is what is inside that counts.

Ok, confession.  Originally these were intended to be rolled biscuits, but I did not have the time or patience to deal with rolling ridiculously sticky dough out today.

These biscuits are very soft and very moist*.  And they manage to be that way with no butter or oil.  Oh, heaven.

I’m going to give you a wonderful tip: these biscuits are a zillion times tastier (and therefore a zillion times more dangerous) if you use sweet potato instead of regular old Yukon gold potato.  I’m not sure I can suggest using red potatoes for this…I think those might not come out…

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