A Bull By The Horns

Now that Chasing Nightmares is done and available to purchase in ebook or paperback, I need to get writing on my next project: the first book in my new cozy mystery series, Coffman Country Cozies.  Here’s a tidbit of what I have planned.

A Bull By The Horns

Artists and Writers and Murderers, Oh My! You thought living in the country was boring? Then you haven’t read a Coffman Cozy mystery yet.

Somewhere in farm country USA · www.debdonahue.wix.com/coffmancozies

coverideaMurder mysteries solved by mystery writers are boring.  Mystery writers who are murder suspects—much more interesting.  Especially if a poet, composer, artist and irascible old farmer have just as much motive and are equally annoying.

A Bull by the Horns is the first novel in the Coffman’s Country Art Colony series.  Protagonist Carina Coffman has worked hard to fulfill her grandmother’s dream of turning the family farm into an artist’s retreat.  She thought the only obstacles she had left to deal with were a disgruntled neighbor unhappy with her new venture, and training Larry the goat to stop head-butting his companions Curley and Moe.  When one of her guests ends up impaled by the longhorn of Ferdinand the taxidermied bull, however, she has her work cut out for her.

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